ray polanco jr x adidas to launch ultra boost 19 in LA with event for young creatives and community

i went from window shopping my fav sneakers at 17 to covering brand events as a blogger to now brands throwing events in collaboration with me… let me tell you, nothing is impossible.

this is a major moment for me, but an even bigger moment for those of you from my community who want to be involved.

in collaboration with adidas & footlocker, i’ll be the face of the Ultra Boost 19 launch in LA on March 16th at 2 – 5:30pm with a two part event #BoostYourBlock that is geared toward the development of young creatives by implementing my “nurture” mentoring program and really just prioritizing normal every day lovers of sneakers over the “cool kids” for an amazing experience.

myself & the adidas team have organized a new idea in the form of a short 1.5 mile run that serves as an “Active Panel” beginning at Footlocker Santa Monica with 4 activity stops along the way in which i’ll be inviting professionals across different industries who you young creatives can utilize to discuss career insights as well as answer questions about how to turn your passion into a career. As an aspiring professional creative, you have to run to each stop to be able to receive 1-on-1 time or join a group discussion about keys to achieving success in your desired industry. come take advantage because we’re giving out free game. if you are hungry and you’re a go-getter… this is for you

the private afterparty at The Viceroy Santa Monica (18+ to party, 21+ to drink) will be a safe place for young creatives to really connect with several successful individuals spanning across several industries such as music, sneakers, motion pictures, modeling and more. additionally —  free food, free drinks, sneaker giveaways, gift cards, create ur own merch station and an exclusive raffle to receive a full wall of clear dropfront sneaker boxes for your entire collection worth up to $1500. this party is only open to people i invite and Footlocker VIPs.

if you have any issues RSVPing, just DM me @RayPolancoJr on IG


during my 13yrs in the sneaker industry, i’ve had enough of the “cool kids” only events seeing the same faces all the time. i’ve always focused more on everyday people than the industry simply bc i never thought being part of this industry validated me more as a person. i always thought these events would be way fun with young excited sneakerheads rather than seasoned industry folks who have been jaded and could care less what shoe is launching bc they’ll probably get it free and the shoe will sit in the back of the closet or get donated to a cousin.

on a personal level, the 17 yr old kid in me is like, “wowwwwwww! i can’t believe this is happening to me. i seriously want to cry.” im not an athlete nor traditional artist, so i never really expected brands to collaborate with me in this manner. i’m a storyteller and i’m cool playing my position simply bc there are people who make history while others document the history, both equally as important in my opinion but the focus is always usually on athletes/artist/celebrities.

my fandom of the ultraboost is very well documented since the beginning of the saga in 2015. although it’s a running shoe, my perspective of it was never as a runner, but rather purely comfort and fashion.

i wrote this piece “How The Ultra Boost Ruined My Taste In Sneakers” and it was a major moment in my career bc a bunch of sneakerheads across the world read it. even throughout the adidas corporate office up to the designer of line Ben Herath. it lit a fire under my career. so my journey with the ultra boost has been a special one and now both our worlds are really colliding.

i pushed really hard to make this experience about the growth and development of the next generation of the sneaker industry. even if ur not in LA, you will want to be part of this. i promise you it’s worth the drive. nothing like this was available to me as a kid coming up trying to find his way in the industry, so from me to you this is a thank you for allowing a kid from the Bronx to collaborate with adidas in a way he could never imagine.

oh yeah if you’ve read this far, i’m giving away a pair of adidas UltraBoost 19 right now. just comment your shoe size on my instagram post and i’ll choose a lucky winner… you know i had to reward you for all that reading haha 🙏🏽

hope to see you at the event and i hope this event inspires you even if you can’t attend.


2pm — Meet at Footlocker Santa Monica for a 1.5mile “active panel run” with 4 stops along the way where young creatives can tap Ray Polanco Jr for career insights and creative advice as well as giveaways and a special trivia activity.

3pm — Private afterparty at the ViceRoy in Santa Monica. Enjoy free drinks, free food, an UltraBoost retail experience and an ultimate giveaway of $1500 worth of clear dropfront boxes to give your sneaker collection a boost.