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#keepitgreen2018 – a mindset and a movement

when travis scott got on a track with kid cudi and rapped, “balance, find your balance / god said its my talent,” I felt that.

ever since i turned my hobbies and interests into my career, my social media has been a reflection of that. But, if you know me in real life, you know that I’m so much more than sneakers and clothing. i’m really random and always looking for opportunities to grow as a person.

every year during my birthday (shout out scorpio szn), i sit down and reflect on my weaknesses then convince myself it’s time to turn those into strengths. Usually these focuses are work related, but after my dad suffered back-to-back strokes, it really woke me up to making sure i prevent future health issues. honestly, i’ve been so focused on mastering my craft and figuring out how to navigate in the sneaker industry, music industry and more, that my health wasn’t much of a concern as long as i wasn’t sick. that kind of mentality in itself isn’t health, fam.

i woke up one day, looked at my instagram and said, “well if people hit me up saying they bought $150 pairs of sneakers because of my review or photos, i hope i can influence people to make more conscious decisions on what they put into their bodies.” whatever journey i’m about to go on, i always invite people to join.

why did i choose #keepitgreen2018?

green is a very important color in the world. it is distinct to money, health, plants, the earth and more. so this hashtag for me is a mindset that’s a constant reminder to eat greener, live greener, and make that bank account greener. i created the hashtag to invite others to join me on the journey and be a part of a movement with me. i don’t want to do this alone.

i’m not saying go full vegan or vegetarian — i love chicken too much for that, but i am saying one green drink a week is a lot better than none. having a living plant in your home makes you more conscious about taking care of the earth around you. eating better and living better can be pricey, but if we can save $200 for that air jordan release or that yeezy shoe, we can definitely save some extra money to take care of our bodies… u feel me?

i started with going to a shop called pressed juicery to regularly drink wellness shots and green juices… green #4 is my favorite. i’ve dedicated myself to drink 2 a week for starters. i usually take it first thing in the morning and it gives me energy like no other. i’ve never been into coffee nor energy drinks, but it’s amazing how earth juice gives you more of a boost than all of that other stuff. my body doesn’t crash and it definitely doesn’t feel worn down after that energy boost is gone. i’ll save the health facts for another post.

juices: pressed juicery (green #4 and wellness shots)

flower: red scarlet star flower

sneakers: tyler the creator x converse – golf le fleur

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