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my experience stepping into the future with the first adidas 3D printed sneaker

It’s tough trying to explain the future when you’ve experienced it and many others have yet to, but I’m going to give it a shot anyways because these sneakers are incredible. All year, adidas has been on a campaign focused on crafting the future and for the first time ever they made a 3D printed shoe available to the public. Upon its December 15th launch, the adidas FutureCraft 3D retailed for $333 and was limited to only 500 pairs. Now, the shoes look really good, but I thought to myself, “I just bought the ‘Triple Black’ Ultra Boost, why do I need the future when the present is so amazing?”

Needless to say, I was really hesitant because like most of you, I am unfamiliar with what 3D printed anything is about. That is until adidas reached out and offered me an opportunity to step into the future with my own pair.

In hand, the FutureCraft 3D is simply amazing. A bit heavier than your average Ultra Boost, but what caught my attention is how you can see through all the layers of the intricate midsole. It’s almost like links to a fence with some areas that don’t connect. There’s a purpose for that though.

This sneaker wasn’t just made to look cool, its sole purpose is to allow for optimum level of performance. Where your foot exudes high force, you’ll see more support from the 3D web structure, and in low force areas you’ll see the links in the web are broken off.

Sitting atop the midsole is the heel counter which is also 3D printed. It’s built into the sole to avoid the typical gluing or stitching process while providing greater elasticity, compliancy and support. Of course we can’t forget about the uncaged Primeknit upper with accompanying 3M branding.

I admired the shoe for a while because after scoping out all of its details, I realized I have a piece of history in my hands. We hear how 3D printing could change the future, but seeing is believing and this looks crazy.

I raced to put the FutureCrafts on after the awe settled. For me, the real measure of technological advances is how my feet react to it.

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Stepping into the future feels amazing.

This may sound baffling, but somehow the sneakers felt soft on my feet despite the 3D printed midsole feeling hard in-hand. It was a legit wow moment. You could barely squeeze the firm web structure with your fingers. Walking on it, however, I can definitely feel the low force and high force areas in each step. adidas managed to create a comfortable and fluid ride complimentary to your stride while getting rid of that sinking feeling you experience with BOOST. That’s a major benefit for performance. For my first time wearing 3D printed shoes, I’m honestly really impressed.

I look at the adidas FutureCraft 3D like a high definition flatscreen TV. When intially launched, it was expensive and difficult to justify the price when you don’t normally spend that much, but after experiencing the quality, you’re hooked. I’m sure the price will become affordable as the technology becomes more available, similar to HD flat screen televisions.

Being a huge promoter of fashion and function, I feel adidas nailed it with this shoe.

The next step for the FutureCraft 3D as told by Mikal Peveto, senior director of adidas’ Future team, is “Creating customized shoes based on an individual’s footprint – including their running style, foot shape, performance needs and personal preferences – it is a north star for the industry and adidas is leading with cutting edge innovations.” Are you ready for what’s next? I know I am because stepping into the future feels amazing.

What are your thoughts on the adidas FutureCraft 3D? Are you open to trying a pair once they become more available to the public? Comment your thoughts and opinions down below.